About me

This is Pablo Fernández, a Spaniard happily spending his thirties in Switzerland. This small country has given me the opportunity to experience a francophone and germanic environment since I arrived in 2013. I loved my time as MSc student at HEC Lausanne

I am an aviation freak who loves driving cars and riding motorbikes around twisty roads. I play tennis on a regular basis with very talented French an a Dutch guys that raise the bar every match we play. I love modeling, painting and playing with warhammer miniatures. Most of what I read and watch circles around history; narrative, military history, economic history. Looking to the past helps understanding that we are what we are because we were what we were. And that is one of the most liberating and enlightening thoughts.

The skills that fund my inquisitiveness for the above mentioned hobbies are the capacity to deliver accurate business analysis and understanding how products succeed in complex markets. Of course, I walk the full distance, executing strategies thanks to my perseverance and ability to build great business relationships with internal and external partners.

Over the last 2 years, aside my full-time jobs, I have also provided consulting services to wonderfully interesting projects in the automotive and miniature businesses.

If you would like to find out more about my professional background, probably my LinkedIn profile would be a good place to start.

Email is another alternative for reaching out quickly.