Comments on the Conference Championship Games

Here is how the NFL Playoff tree is looking like before this weekend’s games. I am not calling this article “predictions” because there’s no room to predict anything with the Patriots: they win. They win a lot. They win always. And they win even more when is playoffs, cold and when they face Andy Reid’s team deep in the playoffs.

With the New Orleans Saints there is no room for predictions either. They are my team, and I am too scared of the high stakes, the Rams, and the red moon.

playoff bracket champ games

Jokes apart, I am picking the Patriots to win for one main reason: they are going to bring the game where they are better than the Chiefs. I see the Patriots having extremely long drives on Sunday. Advancing on the ground with heavy personnel, hitting the Chiefs where they are not as good. In addition to this, Kansas City has fenomenal outside rush, but not so good interior line pash rush. When Brady is pressured on the edges, his step into the pocket is a masterpiece of quarterbacking, and desarticulates most of the pressure.

The Chiefs provided the Colts with numerous opportunities to get back into the game. Turnovers, 3 & outs, etc that would have been enough for the Patriots to get pass them in the eventual case the Chiefs start the game stronger than the Bostonians. And here, we all know that even if the Chief’s offense starts on fire, roasting the Patriots defense, uncle Bill is going to adjust and at some point stabilize the game so the Chiefs will be slowed down and limited to field goals with some stops in-between.


On the other side of the ball, the Patriots defense will do everything to prevent the Chiefs from having easy scores. I dont think they can disconnect completely the Chiefs ability to make big plays, because even those will run into their favor TOP-wise. In addition to this, the Patriots will win by forcing Mahomes to make mistakes. Call it scrambling too much, going for the genious play too often, throwing picks, or simply being unacurate in the mid-distance throws.

That is how the Patriots are going to win this game. Also, in case of doubt, any close game that comes down to the wire, or depends on luck; we all know will go the Patriots side.

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