Quick comments on the Divisional Round

I must admit I am severely disappointed at the NFL Playoffs. Most games have lacked competition as games were decided by halftime too many times. I am trying to introduce the game to newcomers and this playoffs are not making my task easier.

Some comments on what I saw this weekend:

Colts at Chiefs

I took the game already mid-third quarter. My impression was that the Colts were overwhelmed by the Chiefs and the stage, making it relatively comfortable for the Chiefs to perform. It is funny because that’s the way the Texans looked like just one week before against them. And the way I saw the Chiefs many times in post-season.

Mahomes is one talented player at the QB position, and the Chief’s offense has loads of talent in all skill positions. Reid’s game planning was also very good coming off a bye week and preparing against a team whose coaching team didn’t match Reid’s skill and experience. But I don’t think will be good enough to beat Bellichick’s troupe on Sunday.

Cowboys at Rams

Only watched the highlights and read about the game. I Can’t really say much about it then. However, I can say, as a Saints fan, I fear the Rams.

Reasons for this fear? Their supporting cast. The Rams are far away from being just Aaron Donald, Todd Gurley and Jared Goff. For the Rams, their 3rd receiver in the corp (behind Cook, Kupp) is putting up this kind of production:


Chargers at Patriots

I will be happier if I don’t think again about this game. Quoting the classic poker sentence “I don’t play the odds, I play the man”, The Patriots do not play football, they play the man.


Eagles at Saints

As a Saints fan, this game was a handful of feelings as we were in the brink of elimination. I give huge respect and appreciation for the Eagles team. They fight hard, they give their best and they do not succumb to difficulties. They are one good football team. Well coached, with plenty of talented players that commit to the superior good of the whole team.

On defense, the Eagles gave me nightmares all evening long in the names of Fletcher Cox and Michael Bennett

But let’s go with the Saints. This was my analysis as we went through the turnaround moment of the game (4 tweets):

Saints are a better team than the Eagles are as of today. And we won consecuentially. 

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