Wild Card round predictions 3

Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Ravens

This is probably the most interesting Wild Card round “affiche” in the game lineup for this weekend.

The Ravens are a team that has reached the post-season with the appreciation and admiration of the NFL analysts and old-school gurus, because they run the football and have a strong defense. Good for them, because what I see is an unbalanced team, that relies only in one sort of gameplay leaving no room for reaction if the game turns out to be fast paced and high scoring.

The Ravens have taken the spot of a team that would have stood a real chance to make a deep run into the playoffs and even the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for us, spectators of the AFC, the Chargers will be facing them, and not the Steelers. Even worse, should they meet the Patriots in case they pass today, that game would me millions of times less interesting than a Steelers vs Patriots would have been. This is why I consider the Ravens the legitimate playoff team of this season. – There is one every year, and I still hold terrible memories of those 7-9 Seahawks-


Now, if I am so critical to the Ravens, why I give them good chances of making it today? Well, in the first place because they play at home, but mostly because they face the Chargers.

The Chargers are a franchise with the upmost capacity to beat themselves. This fact alone is how I see the Ravens standing a chance tonight. Any other scenario presents a landscape where I see Los Angeles making it to the Divisional Round.

I see LA moving the chains, keeping Baltimore’s defense on the field and controlling the tempo of the game. I see the Ravens offense struggling to do the same and more important, I see the Chargers with the capacity to make a scoring run to overcome a deficit whereas I don’t see the Ravens doing the same.

So, my prediction is; normal case scenario, the Chargers lead the game towards an offensive pace that the Ravens can’t keep up with. And win the game showing the superiority of their talent on both sides of the ball. However, I am quite certain that for the Chargers to win, it will take something messy, ugly and plenty of mistakes, turnovers, crazy scoring drives and agonic finish.

See what the NFL bring us tonight.


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