Wild Card round prediction 2

Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys

I see this game as much closer than it may appear. In my opinion the Seahawks are overall a better team than the Cowboys. Besides analysis on team units, I see the Seahawks as a team better coached and with more competitive mindset. They are capable of overcoming more adversity than the Cowboys can.

However, the Cowboys have strengths precisely where it hurts the most for the Seahawks. Dallas runs the ball, controls the tempo of the game, and stops the run extremely well. The Cowboys have the key to disconnect and short-circuit Seattle’s gameplan. I believe neither team can withstand a shootout, as their passing games are not really strong.

I like the Cowboys in this game, as they play at home and their gameplan and strengths seem to match exactly where they can hurt the Seahawks. Still, I am certain Seattle is not going to go home without putting up a fight. I foresee a close game that the cowboys will break on the 3rd quarter. And they better do that, because if the game comes down to the wire in the last possessions, the Seahawks will have the edge over them.

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