Prediction Wild Card round

Despite I would have loved to upload first my summary of what the regular season has meant for every team in the NFL, time constrains forced me to start with the predictions for Saturday Wild Card round in the NFL.


Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans

The Indianapolis Colts are going to win this game because they do not have any major flaw, like the Texans have on their offensive line.

The Colts are right at this moment of the season a team with no major weaknesses. Indianapolis has a solid block on defense, but is on the offensive line where they possess their biggest strength. The colts offensive line stands out as top in the NFL. It opens up lines for the running game, and provide with good protection for Luck.

The Texans, have definitely more raw talent on their front seven and receiver corps, and there is where they must rely if they want to win this game. Houston is a good team, but they have a too big of a weakness on their offensive line, to think they can make a deep run in the playoffs.

On top of this, I believe the Colts have reached this point of the season in great shape, probably better than the Texans. The playoffs can turn out to be too long for the Colts, but tonight they have the edge on this area.


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