Kansas City Chiefs at L.A. Rams


After been thinking for a long time about creating this website, it is a great opportunity to do it right after last night’s Monday Night Football in Los Angeles.

The game that should  have been played in Mexico DF surprised me in one aspect in particular: I expected both offences to score massively. I didn’t expect the defences to also score so prolifically. Both teams showed yesterday that are at the top of the league right now. Playoffs are still 6 weeks far, but it’s difficult to think of a scenario where these two squads will not make a deep run in the playoffs. I think both of them will have 1st round bye, after what we saw from the Chargers also this week 11.

I liked both playcallings as either side had several moments in the game where they could have lost their composure. However, Andy Reid and Sean McVey kept their teams always poised and following the gameplan in offence and defence.

Jared Goff looked more mature than Patrick Mahomes yesterday. Mahomes proved having a stronger arm, a total weapon of mass destruction in his right arm, but also proved making too many mistakes to win a game like this one. He wasn’t careful enough with the ball, and he was too nervous in the last drive. And then the very last drive again, he made the same mistake. When a field goal was enough for the Chiefs, Mahomes played wrongly the plays where both interceptions happened. He seemed to be too much in a rush, to obsessed with making the big gain when he just needed to move the ball till the 35 yard line of the Rams and let the kicker pave the way to the overtime. 

Still, I don’t want to be too tough on Mahomes, because I understand is not easy to play for 3 hours under such excitement and exigence and not make mistakes in your first year as a professional. If he’s humble enough and Andy Reid knows how to lead his Quarterback, they are in a good position. And he better does it because Mahomes is young, but the rest of the Chiefs team is on his window to go for the Super Bowl right now, and not in 3 years.

On the Rams side of the ball, I must say I am still impressed with the resilience of this team. Aaron Donald is an absolute force in defence and will always be a factor when the opposite team is passing the football. I don’t understand why the Chiefs didn’t run more and try to control the tempo of the game, becase this is the only flaw of the Rams defence. 

For the Rams’s offence the absence of Cooper Kupp was perfectly replaced by such deep receiving corp, and Goff able to connect with all of them. 

Conclusion: really good game, two really good teams. Yet, my Saints would have beaten both of them 🙂 

On to the Thanksgiving magic !

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