Games Workshop latest release announcement

Tonight GW unveiled the new launches for the coming Christmas. I’d briefly comment only three of them.

The noise marine; absolutely freaking great. For three reasons; it brings nostalgia and makes for a great reference to the original one. Second, it captures the very essence of the original Warhammer 40.000 Rogue Trader, not falling into the watered down of personality miniature that other rebuilds have been. Three, it restores some coolness to Chaos. 

Image result for noise marine

Genestealer cult motorbikes. Awesome models. Games Workshop goes this time for a model that is feasible, no extravagant, counter practical elements on a vehicle. Besides the stupidity of moving using a motorbike when your enemies travel on jet bikes or anti-gravitic vehicles of some sort, these motorbikes are really well put together. They have motocross tires, for moving through mud, degree and off road in general. They have good ground clearance and they don’t have stupidly oversized guns. I know 40k is absolutely not about these criteria I’ve listed, but it is what I would like to see from the Imperial Guard. By extension, it is what I aspire for in my Imperial-Guard-based Kill Team or my Necromunda gang. 

And here I mentioned the keyword, Necromunda gang. I am keeping in the back of my mind building several Necromunda gangs. To be honest, the one that in my mind suits better the idea of riding motorbikes are the Orlock. Orlock house has to defend some of their supply lines through the wastelands, or at least so I have read on the background. 

Finally, but in absolute bigger relevance is the release of a Primaris re-born Marneus Calgar. The demoted Lord of Macragge’s reedition tells us what we all were already suspecting; Games Workshop admits having made the mistake of creating the Primaris Space Marines. 

I I will explain in further detail my opinion about the Primaris, not in this post. But, hell they are screwed now needing to invent silly excuses to be able to update a range of miniatures that was clear needed re-scaling. Just have a look at Marneus’ scaling and evolution over the years. It is the very summary of how Marines needed to evolve, because the models didn’t do it for more than 15 years. There was absolutely no need to come up with the lore-wrecking Primaris concept. Marines should have simply started a re-scaling and refurbishing like any other faction has always done.

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