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Site is still under construction, but here I will be posting my views, comments on news and reflections on life’s events. Join the adventure !

As I publish my views, thoughts and opinions, some texts will come in English, some in Spanish, maybe even in French. I like to keep it genuine and write them down in the way they were discussed with friends, read on the media, or cooked in my head.

  • La pérdida de Michael Robinson

    April 28, 2020 by

    En ocasiones nos enfrentamos un dilema cuando se produce la muerte de un personaje público. Suelen surgir opiniones del tipo “no le conocías” “él nunca supo de tu existencia” “era famoso y rico, no necesita tu duelo” “ya podrías sufrir igual por todos los anónimos que están muriendo estos días”.

  • What COVID-19 taught us so far.

    April 6, 2020 by

    Much will be written over the coming decades about this Coronavirus global crisis in many academic disciplines. Sociology, political science, economy, obviously medicine… this will be perceived in the coming decades as the big crash of the 21st century, if the next big disaster doesn’t come to happen. Fingers crossed, let’s assume, COVID-19 will be… Read more

  • Changes in Space Marine Doctrines. GW rights and wrongs

    February 29, 2020 by

    Since the breakout of 8th edition Games Workshop (GW from this point on) has consistently tried to maintain a balance in the rules and strengths of the wide range of factions available to play in the 40.000 system. As much as the many decisions I contest from GW, I believe is nothing but honest admitting… Read more

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